Historical Vermeer

During 2018 and 2019 Mouseion Art History works on a historical oeuvre catalogue and an art historical chronology of the seventeenth-century Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675) as part of a broader study of the painter's rediscovery. For this research every Vermeer museum will be visited for further investigation and discussion. Final results of the catalogue and the chronology will be published on historicalvermeer.com and the world leading Vermeer website essentialvermeer.com. During research a concise version of the historical oeuvre catalogue listings will apppear on both websites. 

A comprehensive and exhaustive history of the official paintings by Johannes Vermeer. Provenance, attribution history, literature history, archival documents, persons involved and a bibliography. 

Art Historical Chronology 
A chronological survey of all relevant art historical events, dating from Vermeer's lifetime until the twentieth century. Important provenances, attribution histories, art historical literature, archival documents, persons involved and a bibliography. 

A study of the process of the development from local contemporary fame to general public oblivion and slumbering continuing awareness among art professionals to the 18th century rediscoveries and the final apotheosis in the late 1800s.